Birth of Budrugana Lithuania

In May 27, Rustaveli Theater will host the presentation and establishment of Lithuanian hand shadow theater – “Budrugana-Lithuania”. Group of Lithuanian actors has spent 2 years in Georgia, with Director Gela Kandelaki, to study the art of hand shadows, acting and dramaturgy.

Lithuanian actors will play Budrugana-Gagra’s performance – The Four Seasons of the Year.

Alongside with Georgian guests, official delegation from Lithuania will also attend the presentation in Rustaveli Theater.

It is symbolic, that in May 27, performance – “The Four Seasons of the Year” will become 26 years old.

Composer: Teimuraz Bakuradze
Director: Gela Kandelaki

Duration: 45 Minutes

May 27, Saturday, 19:00
Rustaveli Theater, Small Stage