The Four Seasons of the Year Copy Copy

Date: 29 September
Time: 13:00
Stage: Khojorni Village, Khojorni Public School
Tickets: Free Attendance
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The Four Seasons of the Year Copy

Date: 25 September
Time: 15:00
Stage: Tamarisi Village, Tamarisi Culture Center
Tickets: Free Attendance
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Isn’t this a Lovely Day

Date: 17 ივნისი
Time: 19:00
Stage: რუსთაველის თეატრი, მცირე სცენა
Tickets: რუსთაველის თეატრის სალაროები,
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About Theater


Hand Shadow Theater “Budrugana” was founded in Tbilisi, in 1982. Author of the Idea is a Georgian director - Gela Kandelaki. First Idea was to create a puppet theater and the company of actors wanted to travel around regions of Georgia to perform for kids. First group of actors was represented by young people with different profession.

In 1980s, because of lack of funding, buying puppets was impossible. With the advise from puppeteer Karlo Sulakauri, actors started practicing by using only hand shadows.

Theater Spec


By using hand shadows Gela Kandelaki created an entirely new system in theatrical arts. This system is an organic blend of the characteristics and elements of opera, ballet, pantomime and animated films, based on the main principals of classical drama theater.

Art Director - Founder


Gela Kandelaki was born in 1940, May 27. In a family of famous Georgian director, Irakli Kandelaki. Gela started working with a “Georgian Film” when he was 17. In 1962 he finished Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University, directional faculty…