The Four Seasons of the Year

Stage: Rustaveli Theater, Small Stage
Tickets: Rustaveli Theater Booking Office,
About Perfomance

Duration: 60 min.

Age: +4

Director: Gela Kandelaki

Composer: Teimuraz Bakuradze

Sound: Eka Kvaliashvili, Malkhaz Kukhianidze, Vakhtang Komakhidze

Singers: Kakhi Kavsadze, Kote, Nino and Tamar Zhvania

Premiere of the performance was in 1991, In Paris

In first part of performance, a story of a little bear cub is told, which has different adventures from spring to winter. Kids will find themselves in a main character. Adults will remember their childhood and the process of cognition.

In Second Part of performance, Bear cub teaches Georgian folk song to other characters and finally says goodbye to everyone.