Award from the President of Lithuania

Gela Kandelaki, who is a director, screenwriter, producer and founder of hand shadow theater and educational movement “Kvali XXI”, will be awarded by the president of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, for merit before Lithuanian people.

Many Years ago, Gela Kandelaki was invited in Lithuania, where he could continue his pedagogic life, and establish hand shadow theater. But he chose to stay in Georgia to keep working with Georgian theater crew.

Later, Lithuanian students came to Georgia and spent two years with Gela Kandelaki, studying the art of hand shadows and acting.
In 2017, May 27, Georgian hand shadow theater, which is unique in the world, has become an international brand, on this day was founded Budrugana-Lithuania. They played their first performance in Tbilis. Today they are successfully performing after going back to Lithuania.

Ceremony of award will be held in July 6, in Vilnius, at the president’s palace.