Triple Historical

May 27 is a triple historic day for our Shadow Theater.

Today is the birthday of Gela Kandelaki Shadow Theater creator, director, artistic director, film director, producer, screenwriter. Gela Kandelaki turned 82 years old.

The Hand Shadow Theater is 40 years old.

The first-graders came together with director Gela Kandelaki in 1982 to create a world-renowned theater with experimentation, thought, work, idea, complexity and simplicity, a play of light and darkness, and only by reviving their own hand shadows.

Our first play “Four Seasons” is 31 years old.

It was first staged in May 1991, in Paris, France. Since then, Budrugana has toured Japan, America, Germany and about 30 other countries around the world. Congratulations to the director of Shadow Theater, the actors and the audience of all three of our troupes The triple historical date of the Shadow Theater